Sijo Larry Sanders, 10th Degree Black Belt
Founder of Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu
Sanders Black Belt Academy - Austin, Texas
Kung Fu - Tai Chi - Kickboxing - Self Defense
Sijo Larry Sanders - martial arts instructor located in Austin TX

Dr. Larry Sanders began his martial arts journey in 1956 as a child and hasn't stopped since.

He is a tenth degree black Belt (The highest martial arts rank obtainable), a 2-time world champion, and holds Master rank or above in

• Karate,
• Kung Fu,
• Aiki Ju Jutsu,
• and Jeet Kune Do

He is an educator, author, an artist, and has been in movies, on TV, and local radio. Dr. Sanders is involved in local volunteer work, has sponsored charity fundraisers, and is active in his community.

Married for over twenty years, he has three successful daughters and eight grandchildren.

As the owner and chief instructor of Sanders Black Belt Academy in Austin, Texas, Dr. Sanders is also responsible for leading the Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts Association, with schools throughout America.

For more information on classes at Sanders Black Belt Academy or to contact us, feel free to call or stop by:

Sanders Black Belt Academy
314B E. Oltorf
Austin , Texas , 78704
(512) 462 -0900