Conciousness Breathing is a special healing method designed to clear out mental and emotional baggage and allow you to get on with the life that you were ment to lead. The class is Saturday December 4th at 10am and will go until 12 noon. The cost is $25.

On Saturday January 15th at 9am Sijo will host our annual clinic. Grandmasters,Masters, Black Belts, and students from all over Texas will meet for 7 hours straight of classes in evry martial art that you can think of. Registration begins at 8:30am and classes finish up at 4pm. We also want to invite you to join us at China Star resteraunt at I35 and 280East for a fantastic buffet about 5pm. The clinic cost is $60 and Sijo will have dvd’s ,weapons, and books for sale at the clinic. Don’t miss it.

This last saturday several students attended a Board & Brick breaking workshop,where Sijo instructed them in the safe proper way to do breaks. First they heard the philosphy of breaking ,them practiced the techniques on striking pads. Then came the boards. Seven year old Nathan Rocha broke his board first. He did it easily (it must be in his genes seeing as he is Sijo’s grandson). Then Mary broak hers. She went through it like butter. Bobby, KC and Daren broke next,all successfully. Then the guys broke two boards, then three. Finally it was time for Bricks. Bobby broke a 2″ concrete slab as did KC. Daren decided to go wild and showed 4″ of concrete that it was no match for him.

The next class was on sparring . Wearing protective gear the participants went through a series of techniques,then matches. When it was all over, everone was ,swinging, sweating, and smiling.

Here is a neat you tube video that can save you some money on a decent leg strtcher to help you with your kicks. Simply go to youtube and type in Home Made Martial Arts Leg Stretcher. Actually there are several so take your pick.


In 1971 Sijo attended a workshop on Hard Ki by then sensei Ted Gambordella,one of the most exciting of the up and coming martial artists of that time. Sijo learned a lot and was very impressed by this teacher. Today some 39 yrs later Grandmaster Gambordella is one of the most published, speakers in all of martial arts., and on July 31 at our “Sijo Clinic” he will be here at our academy teaching you who attend . I can guarentee that you will have a ball. So don’t miss it.Make plans now!

On saturday May 15 at 10am Sijo will be teaching one of his great weapons workshops. This workshop will allow you to do your rank required weapons as well as learn many of our 147 Nei Wai Chia weapons. In this particular workshop the weapons covered will be Staff, Saber, Straight Sword. The cost is $25 . The workshop lasts ninty minutes. Please let Sijo know what weapon you will be doing so he can have the right number available.

On July 31st at 9am students,black belts, Masters, Grand Master’s and the founder of Nei Wai Chia martial arts will be present for the “SIJO” clinic held at Sanders Black Belt Academy 314B E. Oltorf in Austin,Texas 78704.. From 9am until 4 pm one class after another will be taught,covering many aspects of the martial and healing arts. Registration begins at 8″30 and is $60. This is one of the big events of the year and all Sanders Black Belt students are expected to attend.

Did you know that the first martial arts classes in America began in San Francisco’s Chinatown in 1845? Yhat the first Judo class was for the ladies of the White House staff in 1900 and was held in the White House. It’s sole male student was President Theodore Roosevelt. The first Karate school in America was opened in Tempe,Arizona by Robert Trias in 1957. Sijo opened the first Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts class at the Free University at North Texas State University in 1966 while he was an undergraduate.

On saturday morning May 1 at 10am Sijo will teach an Introduction To Herbology class. The class will introduce you to the main herbs that we use and how you can make herbal remedies that will rid you of pain, heal bruises, increase your flexibility, make you stronger, give you energy, and help increse your immune system. Herbology is a part of our martial art training and is suggested for all students.

The charge is $25 and you will recieve handouts. Don’t miss it.

Just wanted to say hi to our newest students and one old one. Bobby, Mary, Chopper, and Philip welcome and i hope that you are having a great time.

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